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Audio Assignment: Car Chase Commentary (3 and 1/2pts)- “The Heroic Cone.”

Making this video was probably one of the most exciting things of my night (and that is not even sarcasm). I searched for “most boring video” on YouTube and found a video of a cone placed on the sidewalk with no movement or action whatsoever. I did the audio narration first by just watching the video of the cone intently and after a while, I truly believed that this was an interesting story. Afterwards, I wanted to make it look more like a breaking news broadcast on television, so I downloaded the “breaking news” intro and recorded myself talking on the webcam to show that I am the anchor. I also had a reporter on the scene, my bear Lil Wayne (not the rapper. Like Bruce Wayne, but little :D). I wanted to make this comedic and fun since for me it was fun to make (minus the threat of a virus when downloading the cone video). I ended the video by inserting the soundtrack of “Hymn of the Sea” from Titanic since it would add a dramatic effect. I really had a lot of fun with this.

I wonder if I could make a good news anchor or actress. Let me know your thoughts on the matter xD

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