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“Balls are to men what purses are to women.”

One of this weeks visual assignments I completed, is called “What’s in your bag?” The instructions were: “Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.”

This would have been easy enough seeing as I only carry around a wallet. But unfortunately, the special instructions given to us by Groom, Burtis, and Bond were to make this assignment about our noir characters we developed last week. We had to do this assignment as though we were emptying out their purses and backpacks.

So, if Cecilia Alva emptied out her purse, here would be the contents:



A pair of Gucci sunglasses, in a case of course.



Red M.A.C. lipstick. No woman is her self without her ruby red lipstick.



A small travel size bottle of Dolce & Gabbana perfume.



Her iPhone. With the latest upgrade on it.



A handgun registered in her name. Her husband insisted she get one a few weeks ago after a car followed her on her evening run.



Her credit cards, which are basically as necessary as air. They are all in her husbands name, and have no limit on them.



And of course, her compact makeup. For light touch ups in between drinks.

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