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Bananas Foster, LaSalle style

Original assignment here

Original recipe here

Melt butter, low heat
Two tablespoons unsalted
Ten inch iron pan

Quarter cup sugar,
Brown, melts with spices on stove
Allspice and nutmeg

I like it “to taste”,
But allspice and nutmeg ground
Half spoon each is good

One shot of liquor
Banana, then simmer it.
Cook two bananas

Cut in half lengthwise
For one minute on each side.
Move fruit to the dish.

Add three shots dark rum.
Set it all on fire! Ignite!
Add a spoon of Zest.

Pour syrup over
The bananas, serve with
Crepes, nuts, or ice cream.

I decided to do bananas foster for this haiku recipe, because that is Delia LaSalle’s favorite food! This is the recipe I use myself when I make bananas foster or caramelized bananas at home. It uses extra alcohol and spices. I like to serve it over ice cream or waffles- yum! I thought that this would be an appropriate assignment to relate to Delia, because she enjoys cooking and lives in the culinary heart of the south. When the rest of America decided that eating all-white food (mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding, cream of potato soup, gelatinized tuna) was trendy, the NOLA region stuck by its roux and rice tradition.

Here, I used notepad to write again so that I could refer to the original recipe. Pages is a headache for simple writing like this.

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