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Beginning the Study of Noir

I began this week very excited to be apart of my digital storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington. Our subject for the semester is Noir, which is something that I am very unfamiliar with. Even though it is “not my style” I’m glad to be involved because I enjoy experiencing new things. Being apart of an online community with a similar goal will definitely be a new experience. So far it seems to be an exploratory type of class. We will be given tasks to complete and it is up to us to figure that all out. We are definitely not left out to dry. We have our community page and a digital knowledge center available to those in need.

This week our tasks included setting up multiple social media platform profiles, an introduction to noir media and literature, and getting acquainted with the class. My social media profiles are

One of my favorite readings this week was the analysis of noir film by Paul Schrader. He was not too pompous about understanding the subject and acknowledged the flexibility involved. At the same time shedding some well placed oblique angled lighting on when and how the genre formed, who has been involved, what is notable about the subject and a few other key points.

I am very excited after doing a bit research to see what I will be able to contribute to the subject that has been chosen for this semesters work and see where it leads me. So far I’ve offered up an example of noir film and how it this specific example was my introduction to the genre according to my naiveté of the subject at the moment. The film trailer is embedded below.

I look forward to a deeper knowledge of the subject and contributing my part.

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