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Being Creative on the Daily

So I’ve decided that each week I will post all of my daily creates in one blog post because it just makes it easier on me to keep them together.  So as the week goes on and I complete my three I will add them to this post.

For my first daily create I chose to Make 2048, which resulted in this bad boy :)

Grey's Anatomy 2048

I’m a huge fan of 2048 AND Grey’s Anatomy so I thought I would combine the two for double the fun :) There’s a few of the characters not pictured above because I’m not very good at the game so I couldn’t get my score high enough to show everyone!

I had to look up a few tutorials on how to add the images into the boxes but I finally realized I was making it harder than it needed to be!  Yellow is my favorite color so that’s why I chose it as the background color for the box.  That was today’s daily create (1/28/2014)!

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