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So for this week along with the usual assignments but on a different topics, we were asked to give some ideas for a radio show. Considering i do not listen the radio because I cant stand listening to people talk about bull, this was a bit difficult for me; but i do not mind listening to talk shows where they are funny and actually interview someone like Jimmy Kimmel Live or The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallen. So with this out there, i think a great idea with a 20-30 minute radio show would to have an interview style show with the characters that we made for this class. This would involve someone being the single host and interviewing the different characters from NOIR106. This would make the radio show interesting and could be very comedic. Just like the new video of Kevin Hart, Will Ferrel and Jimmy Fallon, we could incorporate funny skits into the show…just an idea!

Here is the video of Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon lip singing… Just in case you haven’t seen it yet

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