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Bribing the sheriff

Shocking news in the small town of Ketchum, ID; On 7/6/2014 sheriff Caleb is going on trial for taking multiple bribes and gambling. He is being charged with stealing money that people set as bail and now there seems to be none left. The bar owner is very concerned with who is going to pay his tab because he told officers that he had no money left. Some of the bribes the he may have excepted include watches, hats and wine. If you gave Sheriff Caleb anything you need to call in and tell the police what it was and why you gave him it. He told one person that he didn’t care what could happen because he would probably be gone tomorrow. If anyone has any other news on this please contact the sheriffs office.


This assignment was Police Beat and the song that helped with this was “Last Dollar” by Tim GcGraw. It was a difficult some because there is noting mean in it at all. I used my character dossier in this also.

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