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Brick Houses – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name you ask? Usually there is a meaning behind the name. If you google your own name you can find different meanings of your name. I learned at a very young age that anything you do is important and needs to be done well. One of my favorite teachers in high school Ms. Bullock taught us accounting. She always said “accounting is like building a house, if you miss one brick the house comes tumbling down!” I have applied this saying to almost everything I do in life. Be good, be good at it and always give it your all! It shows in many different aspects of life how her analogy can fit. Even children, if early on you miss teaching them something (a brick) simple like manners, accountability or morals guess what your children usually end up in trouble or doing things they shouldn’t. Even the courses I take I still apply this to them and know missing classes or assignments makes things come tumbling down. The name “Brick Houses” for me means giving it my all and building a strong foundation that will last well into the future. Why go half stepping when it’s for your own goals and life. My picture of the turtle carries his “brick house” on his back and still fits this scenario because it is always a heavy load to keep the pressure up on a constant moving target. I believe this has helped me through the years to accomplish what I have in life.

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