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Bumper To Bumper Radio

This Audio Assignment is titled “Create A DS106 Radio Bumper” where everyone in the ds106 class this semester was required to create a radio bumper for ds106 radio. I never knew that this had a definitive name, I just thought the bumper would be called a radio station advertisement. I’ve heard them many times before on music stations and news stations, but didn’t realize the planning that went into basically creating a tagline for a radio station. I decided to make the bumper have brass instruments in the background as a voice introduced the radio station as the louder audio. The instrumental audio starts and ends the bumper on louder notes to catch a listeners’ attention, while the instruments soften around the voice audio so listeners can hear the message of the bumper. I recorded my voice in Audacity for the radio bumper as one audio file and cut it into two so each section would have more emphasis and feel more suspenseful with music in between and surrounding each voice clip. I deepened the pitch and slowed down the speed of the instrumental clip to heighten the feeling of  suspense of the bumper. I felt that this radio station’s focus on mystery and noir audio shows would be best conveyed in a serious and intense bumper, rather than an over the top and boisterous bumper. I edited my voice clip and an audio clip from freesound  in Audacity, uploaded the MP3 file to soundcloud and embedded it below. This was a very creative assignment and I can’t wait to see what direction other people took their radio bumpers in.

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