straight down the line


Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running, I have an assignment to create a 15-30 second radio bumper.

This was a fun audio assignment, allowing to play with Audacity again. I first wrote down my script for what I would say exactly. After deciding on  “You’re listening to DS106 radio! Stay tuned for more quality content.” I went to my itunes library and listened to a bunch of songs to try and get an appropriate back ground song/sound. I decided on I. Crwal by Childish Gambino, however, I used the instrumental of it. download link is here.

Once that was decided, I opened up Audacity and voice recorded my script in two parts on my iMac mic. I did add some cool echo effects under the effect tab. I then imported the downloaded instrumental, cropped it, and adjusted the timing with the voice recording. Sounds easy, but it took some time.


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