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SO. MUCH. WORK. Its only week two and the demands of this class are already taking their toll on me. I have accomplished a lot over the past week and my site is as active as its ever been!

Started off the week by watching the weekly video and we still don’t know where Paul is and I have noticed some hate toward Jim within the Google hangout. but thats none of my business… Anyways for this weekly post Im gonna go down the list of demands that we have been assigned and spew out my input and thought process behind each one. lets get started!

1. Read Some Noir: I read the required The Postman Always Rings Twice along with The Shadow and The Killers. I wrote a blog post earlier in the week reflecting this called “Reading Some Neuer”. It goes into detail of why I named the blog post after a German soccer goalkeeper as well as each of the three pieces of noir literature. All three unique in their own way but all have defined similarities. Check out the link for more on the noir readings!

2. Write a Character Dossier: The next task was to go to the noir106 website and create a fictional character under the Character Dossiers page. I entered in all the required and optional information the page asked for and when I got to the physical description and bio part of my fictional character, i let my imagination free. Now, the funny thing is I do not remember what I submitted exactly so its hard for me to describe him perfectly. His name is Jota and was born and raised in Miami. He just graduated from college and opened his own night club in the biggest party city in Florida. He is a bright individual with lots of potential to succeed and will do anything it takes to make it big! I really hope there is a way to find out or view what you submitted in the way of character information because I never copy/pasted it anywhere else… Would have been smart to do that. Ill contact my professor and find out! If I do get the information, i’ll write up a separate blog post going into greater detail of Jota!

3. Writing Assignments: lol so this is a perfect example where you should read the directions completely and thoroughly… I totally went to the ds106 assignment bank and just started doing assignments for stars as we need 8 stars… My first assignment being under visual assignments. I didn’t process the WRITING ASSIGNMENT requirement part very well. So I kinda wasted time doing it and posting a blog about it :'( Once I realized that, I had the task of getting 8 stars in the WRITING ASSIGNMENT part of the assignment bank lol.

Ill start off with the required assignment of write an alternative ending of one of the noir pieces I read earlier in the week. I rewrote an ending to The Shadow and it turned out ehhhhh okay I guess. I wasn’t too thrilled with it as mentioned in an earlier blog post I did dedicated to just that. Here is a link to that post! That was worth 3.5 stars. The Next two assignments were a lot more enjoyable. I jotted down what I was thankful for and I gave my reasoning behind the title of my blog which is “Surpassing the Dimension of Time” Here are separate links to posts I did on each… Thankful & Blog Title. 2.5 and 2 stars respectively for a total of 8

I actually did a total of 12 hahah but thats my own fault! Here is a link to the blog post on the extra assignment I did.

4. Complete Daily Creates: One word… FUN. I had a blast with these this week. I stupidly waited will Thursday to stat these so I had to do them all leaving me with one day where I could pass if i didn’t like the task. Not smart / risky. Note to self, do not wait to do these. But yeah, absolutely loved these daily creates. I yodeled, took an eye selfie, and made a word painting. Click here to read more about them!

5. Customize Your BlogSo once again I lucked out. One advantage of having a blog set up and ready to go before the course started is that it doest need much editing in the way of customization. I am currently using the “Highwind” theme which has a clean look to it. its simple and i’m a simple guy. I chose a black background as it clashes well with my favorite color, a light almost sky blue, blue. I already had Jetpack installed so I was good to go their. I did however need to install Akismet which helps prevent spam on my blog. I went to the word press dashboard, clicked on plugins, searched “Akismet” and clicked the green install button. bam, easy. It’s already blocked nearly 100 span comments. Lastly, I did the same thing as the Akismet plugin as the Comments Reloaded. easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Its been a Hell of a week. I spent easily 5 fold the amount of time on work in this class over any other current class i’m taking at UMW. Its rewarding though… seeing something you created grow with.. well.. more stuff you created lol

As always, Its been a pleasure!

Incase that you don’t understand the meme at the top… Its from a popular Youtube Video “David After Dentist.” Check it out for a laugh!

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