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Call Me Dora ‘Cause I Got a Backpack

What’s in Jota’s bag?



For this visual assignment, you have to take a picture of what your character would carry in his or her backpack on a daily basis and then share a little info for each item! Jota (My character) seems to be tech savvy and a bit risqué.

List: (No order)

iphone 6 Plus: Have to stay connected with the world and stay ahead of the game all while doing it in style. Also great for calling mom whenever Jota needs some advice

Wallet: Credit cards, ID’s, cash, Insurance cards, Miami Top Golf membership card. Business cards. All essentials, all neatly organized.

Keys: Car keys, house key, NightClub master key, bottle opener

Extra Cash: Jota, also known as J-Money by his closest friends, always carries around some extra bills just incase life throws him an unexpected curve ball. Too drunk to drive you and that gorgeous lady back home from the bar? No worries, Jota is always prepared.

Oakley Sunglasses: Haters gonna hate so always carry some hater blockers. Also, Jota is a fashionable guy, always looking sharp and classy!

Pens & Sticky Pad: When you live life in the fast lane, a lot of information is spat at you on a daily basis. Jota will make sure he doesn’t miss one detail in that conversation he just had with you.

Versace Cologne: Life tip from Jota… Smell good. Your scent might make a lasting impression on that lady you met at the bar.

Condom: Like I said earlier… Jota is always prepared. Be safe.

Ipad: Nothing says business man more than a tablet with all the apps to wow anybody… or waste some spare time playing your favorite ipad game.

MacBook: If Jota doesn’t feel like wasting his time on games, he is prepared to get some work done for his new nightclub. From reading emails to typing proposals, Jota is a busy man.

Breathalyzer: Is Jota an alcoholic? lets hope not…

Flashlight: Being left in the dark is no fun. Jota’s dad told him to always have one handy. Never know when you could save the day with a little extra light.

Police Baton: This is considered a deadly weapon. This is meant for self protection. This item is to be handled responsibly and maturely. Other than that, no comment.



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