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Character Dossier – Rick Shannon

Born 8/25/1949

Hometown: Los Angeles

Stands five foot ten. Short black hair. Slim to average build. Clean shaven.


Rick Shannon grew up in Los Angeles. He never knew his mother or what happened to her. His father was murdered when he was 14 years old, leaving his 18 year old brother to take care of him. Despite his above average intelligence, he never did well in school. He was often in trouble for talking back to teachers. After his mother died, he started getting in fights with other kids in school. His brother worked to support the two of them, but they still had trouble getting by. Shortly after graduating from high school, his brother was hit and killed by a car while working on a construction site. Rick’s life spiraled out of control for a few months after the death of his brother. Without a place to live, he spent most of his time drunk, if he could. His time on the street had him see some of the darker happenings of the Los Angeles streets. He eventually recovered and starting working odd jobs so he could afford a place to live. After a year, he decided to join the police force. A smart and driven man, he did well. He sometimes used questionable tactics, but you can’t argue with his results. He has a dark outlook and doesn’t hesitate to use force.

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