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Character Dossier: Sebastian Crane

Sebastian Crane, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold


Sebastian Crane, also known as “Bas,” was born on November 23, 1925 in the sleepless city of San Francisco. A Scorpio Sagittarius cusp, he is a man of both power and pride. Sebastian is a force to be reckoned with. Always outspoken and quick with his tongue, he is naturally cunning in nature; his words can sting  or seduce. His charismatic charm and wild personality makes him all the more magnetic. In this way, he is both loved and feared. A mystery of a man, he can flash a smile that can line the girls up in seconds, yet he is ice cold when it comes to love. He once had a heart open to love, but five years ago, he caught his ex-girlfriend, the love of his love, in her office pleasing another man. Since then, he has hidden the part of himself from any woman who dares to learn his secrets and only his flask of brandy can put him to sleep. His encounters with women consist of one-night stands with him closing the door behind him. Because of his manipulative nature, he tends to get what he wants from those around him. Sebastian once had his assistant plant his own wallet in his colleague’s coat who was going for the same chief editor position as he was. Even though Sebastian had word that he would be the editor in chief, he wanted to ensure this position. When they all had a night party in the local club, Sebastian acted as to look for his wallet and claimed he saw his colleague take it. Knowing it would set him off, his colleague gave Sebastian a blow to the face and this prompted others to assist Sebastian and the cops found the wallet and his colleague was then fired, allowing Sebastian to be the editor in chief. He is extremely blunt and does not hide his opinions, even the most hurtful ones.

boss-fw14-870w-post-2  Under this “jerk-fascade”, he truly does have a heart of gold. He is one who is loyal to those closest to him, especially his younger brother Donovan Crane. Donovan, two years younger than Sebastian, always called him “Bas” ever since he was a baby and Sebastian keeps that nickname for him. Sebastian has always been protective of his little brother, defending him from the drunken wrath of his father, yet he could not protect him from the horrors of war. Donovan Crane was enlisted in the final year of the war aboard an army tank and returned home inability to use his legs. Sebastian now visits him frequently to help him move about and to give him company. Sebastian was not drafted because he had his shoulder broken and damaged from his father beating him with a bat as Sebastian fought to protect Donovan. Sebastian still suffers pain from this injury and takes medication as well as his daily dose or two of brandy to soothe the pain. If someone unveils the mask of ego and pride Sebastian wears and he learns to trust them, he will be fiercely loyal to them until he is crossed. He is not the type to show true affection to anyone and he secretly feels very deeply for those he grows to care for. It is only when trust is gained that he shows his compassionate self, for he fears showing the world his true kindness, as it was destroyed by his father and ex-lover. He does not view himself as highly as one may think being that he is selfish and sometimes cruel; he does not see goodness in himself and is not completely honest with himself about his emotions. Sebastian is convinced that he is unlovable and unworthy of love as he has been broken in the past. Sebastian Crane is surely a misunderstood man who hides his fragile heart from the world he sets out to make his own with his unrelenting ambition and arrogance.

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