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Cleo Barrow: Notorious Bank Theif

You know Bonnie and Clyde? What if it was Bonnie and Cleo instead?

Admittedly inspired by the Avicii music video here. But I’m gonna take it a couple decades later, so that they aren’t in the depression, but instead children of the depression. Here’s what I put for Cleo’s bio when I submitted the character dossier:

“Pretty much a female version of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde fame. I’m gonna play around with the character some and try to not change the personality all that much, aside from making her more feminine, maybe more of a city person than Clyde and smoother with flirting and such. Still trying to decide what to do with Bonnie, but I guess I’ll figure her out later. But I do think Cleo’d call her kitten.”

To all who meet her, she’s the mysterious woman, but those who really know her she’s a jerk with a heart of gold. I also drew a picture of what she should look like, but I haven’t decided if I like it enough to put it on the internet yet :). But basically she’s tall, and has feminine curves, and wide hips. Plus dark hair, brown eyes, and a know-it-all smile. If this is going to be a character I’m working with all semester, then I am going to go way deep into her background and personal details. But that will take a whole lot of thought and I usually like to take a few weeks to get to know a character like that, so I will be sure to show how well-rounded a character she turns into in upcoming assignments. I have a whole page of ideas written down for her that could take her story in completely different ways, but I’ll wait until I get to know her better before I tell y’all my plans for this girl.

Also I made her a little soundcloud playlist to get me inspired. It’s not stuff from her era, but if she were kickin it in the present day I think she’d listen to this:

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