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Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!

It’s time to show your love for DS106!  Create your very own personal DS106 wallpaper using your favorite image editing software.  Try to be creative and inventive with your wallpaper and put your editing skills to this test.  Feel free to borrow pieces of pre-existing wallpapers to build your own, just make sure that your final product is something new and unique.  Using GIMP or Photoshop is recommended, but you’re welcome to use any program of your choosing.  If you get stuck, feel free to check out my tutorial below.

4 Stars!

This was a very beneficial assignment. I say beneficial because 1. I did not have a wallpaper on my blog and 2. It was my first experience with the software “GIMP”. To say the least GIMP gave me quite the headache. I had no clue where to start and found my self clicking everywhere not knowing what was going to happen. After about 2 hours of playing around and experimenting I became somewhat acquainted with how everything worked and i started to roll.

For this assignment I used a photo that was taken by my dad in Charleston South Carolina over the ocean. The shot captures a storm and a bolt of lightning hitting the water. To me this shot screams noir with the dark contrast and the “violent” strike of lightning.

I used the burn tool as well as a couple other various tools to bring out the strike of lightning a little more and was happy with the outcome. I added the text and played around with the fonts a little bit and finally found one i was satisfied with.

All in all GIMP was a struggle at the start but with a little messing around i found my way to a final product. I didn’t use any layering for this particular assignment although I think that will be cool for upcoming assignments. I was contemplating spending the money on Photoshop as I have worked with it a few times before but i am happy that i saved the money and went with GIMP. A great software that is user friendly and has many options. Below I have included my wallpaper. Hope you like it!

DS106 wallpaper

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