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Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 2

Week 3 of ds106 and completing 3 daily creates is a requirement!

1/28/15 – Make 2048

I have played this game before, 2048, consuming hours of my life that I will never get back. I guess I saw this daily create and decided to pay tribute to the game…and then never play it again. I had to re-design the game, replacing the classic number tiles with anything that I want. first I decided I was going to use US currency (1$, 5$, etc.) as the “new” tiles because I like money lol next, I had to figure out how to photoshop the new tiles over the old ones. I ended up downloading a collage maker app on my iPhone that offered the same 4×4 format that 2048 is played in. I went to google images on my phone and got pictures of bills and a green square, saved them, and then uploaded them in the collage maker app. Super easy! Can you get to the $1,000,000 tile?

Make 2048

1/29/15 – A Silent Movie About Silence

As you can see, I had some trouble with this one. I had to make a silent movie about silence. I was exhausted when I was thinking how to do this, and BAM, an idea. I decided I was going to recored myself sleeping during a nap. Yeah, I know, its weird and creepy but it got the job done! I set up my GoPro Hero 4+ Silver on its tripod and my iPhone’s alarm for 35 minutes. I hit record and the sack at the same time, having no problem falling asleep. 35 minutes was up in no time and stopped the recording. I uploaded the video to the GoPro editing software and put a night effect on it as well as a 3200% speed increase for the movie. Nobody would want to watch me sleep for 35 minutes haha but yeah, It came out pretty neat I think. I titled the video “My Dreams are Loud” to contrast the title of the assignment.

1/30/15 – Make A Paper Sculpture

The last daily create of the week for me was to create a paper sculpture and record yourself doing so. Easy enough. I had some trouble trying to think what I could build at first, but I decided to go with an all-time classic – the paper airplane. Once again, my Gopro was used, this time suction cupped to my iMac screen for a pretty cool angle. with a clear desk and a fresh piece of printer paper, I began to work my magic, narrating the process along the way too. Its funny because it normally only takes me about  30 seconds to make one of these planes, but this time I kept thinking about the video aspect, slowing me down I guess. The plane came out exactly as planned, woot.

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