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Creating Daily Creates, Daily pt. 4

2/9/2015 – Draw a David… That David

That David

I had to draw a David… without knowing that David haha first off, I want to give David an apology for butchering this picture lolol. Anyways, I had to draw David and I used a website called create your own Picassohead¬†which was a lot of fun to use. It gives you a bunch of shapes to play with, really allowing you to be creative. I chose not to use colors simply because I didn’t like the way they made the picture look. I have already revisited the site and made quite a few more just for fun.

2/10/2015 – Make Creative Hands

Creative Hands

What do my creative hands look like? My creative hands are in front of the computer ranging from creating a word doc. to working on a Photoshop or Audacity project. The computer is an extension of the human body and is powerful enough to surpass many peoples imaginations. I took the picture with my GoPro on its tripod. I set it to time lapse with a photo every 2 seconds. This allowed me to take a bunch of photos with both of my hands in the picture. I like the light on my hands from the iMac screen, adding a really cool effect in my opinion.

2/11/2015 – Whats Your Super Power?

Jota's Super Power

Show us your Super power in a photo. Well, funny thing is that my super power is hard to see… Im invisible… 100% invisible. This is an awesome daily create, however, it is quite unfortunate that my super power is nearly impossible to capture. This is me, walking through the forest, by my self, pondering the meaning of life and trying to grasp the concept of our galaxy. It was a peaceful evening in the forest with the birds chirping and the fresh nature air filling my lungs. This is one of my favorite spots to hang out.

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