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Creative thinking

The start to having to do daily creates is exciting but also very stressful. I love waiting to see what the next day could be but at the same time I do not. I want to know which ones I can skip and which ones I want to do. This week they all were fun, maybe not the yodeling one though.

The first one that I did was on January 21st. What was asked was to somehow draw a cat playing a synthesizer in space. I did enjoy this one. I found a picture of my cat and tried to edit him as much as possible so it looks like he was playing the synthesizer in space. (His name is Simba :))

cat space


My next daily create was done on January 22nd and this one was not as fun for me. Our task was to yodel and record the yodel. My roommate Chelsea did it with me so it wasn’t as bad. We had fun with it trying to learn how to actually yodel.

This is the yodel that was the final product


On January 23rd we were asked to do an eye selfie. This daily create I enjoyed after I finished. It was interesting to see what other people did though.



The last one that I did was on January 25th. We were tasked to do a word painting. I picked a word that I have always liked and found to be a funny word.


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