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Daily Create: Mario Kart Love Song.

Wow, what a great title seeing that it will soon be the infamous Valentine’s Day weekend!

When I was prompted to create a Creative Family Tree in this morning’s Daily Create, I had that temporary lull of hesitation, until I flashed back to a particular moment of my sophomore year of high school.

My friend Josh and I were sitting next to each other in lab trying desperately to get through another monotonously and ridiculously long session of general Biology. During that time, his mother, a registered nurse, was helping out my father’s father/my grandfather at the nursing home he resided in, so he was quite familiar with the members of my family. Totally bored out of my mind and wanting to tease him back just like all the times he teased me, my imaginative and mischievous side took over and I was ready to get my prank-tastic revenge … mUAHHAHHhahaha ;).

Since my family is Italian and Opa’s name was Mario, I proceeded to tell Josh that the Mario Brothers saga and games were inspired by my grandfather, who had a brother named Luigi. He had no such brother, but his wife, my Oma, did have blue eyes and blonde hair, and I alluded to the fact that she was the inspiration for Mario’s life-long quest for his beloved Princess Peach.

I was able to keep the straightest of straight faces, which I don’t know how I was because I seem to be constantly cheesing hardcore and giggling for no particular reason at all, and was so serious that he really did by into this; at least, until my poohead of a friend spoiled my prank [… I still haven’t quite forgiven her, hahaha :)].

So I thought it would make sense to make my family tree based off of this fond memory, when both my grandpa and my dad were around and things were admittedly a lot easier. The family tree itself is pretty self explanatory, the creative process all took place through PicMonkey,  and Baby Mario and Baby Daisy represent my parents (I was really tempted to use Princess Peach to represent my brother since when we were little he always chose to play Mario Kart as her, but that would have thrown the whole continuity of my creation off … even from a young age he always loved his blondes, lol). Additionally, I decided to use stars to represent my family members’ marriages since Star Power is one of the best things to happen to you in Mario Kart and marriage is essentially one of the best kinds of “leveling up” :) … Overall, this was a really fun Daily Create for me, and I think it really showcases my whimsical side, as well as a major part of my childhood and one of the most important parts of the story of my life … my family!

Creative Family Tree

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