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Daily Create: Our Little Sandcastle

Where would I travel to?

The Place where the sand was between my toes and there was no way I could have known

Of what was to come, that is.

But then again, who ever does?

Our legs churned in perfect harmony with the sea as we raced to keep up with each other and the ebbs and flows of our lives.

Time didn’t seem to have a hold on me as I ran with pure glee.


This time though, I would choose to turn back

To see those first rays of sunset shine down on you, bathe you in a glow.

Maybe in that moment you had some sort of know

That somehow in some way, I’d one day Be Okay.

I’d scuttle to a stop to sit amongst the crabs and pat a spot on the soft shore just for you. And we could look out into the blue,

Into the unknown horizons. Simply together.

I know exactly where I would go. I would savor those twenty minutes.

Like they were the Last.


When I lay my head to rest tonight

I’ll be dreaming of our little sandcastle life

Where we’ll never get hurt and never die

And our eyes will refuse to let us cry.

… So grab the shovel and start digging deep,

‘Cause our little sandcastle is all we can keep.

fave dude.


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