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Daily Create:Create Instructions for an everyday item

How to take out your contacts:

Step 1: Reach into the cabinet and grab both your contact container and contact solution.

Step 2: Wash your hands very thoroughly to kill all germs and bacteria that you DO NOT want in your eyes.

Step 3: Use a clean towel to dry off your hands

Step 4: Open both sides of the contact container and put solution in each side about 3/4 ways up

Step 5: Using both hand grab the top and both of your eye lid and carefully grab the contact with your index finger and thumb by gently squeezing them together. (Be careful to not squeeze you eyeball)

Step 6: repeat step 6

Step 7: put on glasses and if needed put eye drops in.

Step 8: put both the container and solution in a safe and clean location

BAM your done.

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