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Data of the Dead (for my character Scott Brinkmann)

I want to start by telling my wife Jane how much I love her and how happy she has made me over the years. I would like to leave the hotel, all our belongings, and earnings to her, I know she will continue the legacy and take care of the hotel. I wish we had the chance to have children but at least I know that a child will not have to grow up without their father. I hope to be remembered as a successful husband and business owner. I also hope that my guests have all been satisfied with my hotel and services and that they remember me as honest, fair, and friendly. I hope that my father would be proud of me and how I have continued the family business. Perhaps I will meet him on the other side and I will get to see him once more. I hope that everyone I leave behind lives a fulfilling, gratified life, and that my wife will one day be able to move on.

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