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Demotivating Myself (Written as Lena)

I chose an assignment titled “Demotivate Yourself!” worth 2 points and completed it from the viewpoint of my character, Lena. Here’s the link to the assignment:

So don’t get me wrong, vet school is great and everything…but it can get messy very quick. I decided to make this meme just because I needed to make light of a situation that was not very fun. Today in vet school, I went to my internship working under a local vet. As I’m learning more in school, Dr. Wilson has been allowing me to do more hands on things with the animals that come in (under his supervision of course). So today, this beautiful snow white Poodle came in to the office to get some check ups done on his stomach because he’s been acting different lately and not eating well. In order to do some of the tests that we had to run, we had to give him a little bit of sedative just so he wouldn’t freak out. Well, I got the honors of administering the shot. It would’ve helped us to know that this animal was the absolute WORST at taking shots. As soon as I insert the needle for the shot, he jumps up and leaps at me with the force of something that you couldn’t imagine a poodle could deliver. I fall backwards, smacking my head against the wall and dropping the needle. Meanwhile, this dog is jumping all over me and barking at the needle laying on the ground like it would jump up and attack him. Eventually, the half of the shot that I actually got to give him starts to kick in and he gets just sleepy enough to stop jumping all over the room. He still had the largest look of panic in his eyes, but he physically could not jump around anymore. Dr. Wilson quickly drew the medicine in another needle and administered another half of the shot needed for the full dose. This was by far one of the most embarrassing yet scariest moments I have experienced in school so far. So, although vet school can sometimes just seem like a bunch of students playing with animals, I hope people start to realize that animals can freak out just like humans except they can’t use words. What a day as an intern….

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