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Design Adventure

So, for the design blitz for this week, I went around my general living area (i.e. my apartment) and photos I have taken in the past (because why not) to do a more in depth study of design. Take a look:



This photo was taken over the summer in Denmark. This castle was owned by the Rosen-somethings (all I know was that the first half of my last name was in the title of the castle so I was down to visit.) The castle itself showed balance at the main entrance, showing similar lines of symmetry.


From the same castle as the previous photo, this image shows unity through the interlacing lines and circular shapes.


Again from Denmark, this was a church near the palace in Copenhagen. I would say this has elements of form/function/message. I mean, it’s in a church with your eyes being drawn up to God by bright windows, literal lines, and images of saints and heavenly bodies. I’m not sure how more obvious you could have been.


This little guy sits on my desk. Don’t ask me why I have a fake crow on my desk, ok? I just do. ANYWAY I figured he could show case the idea of dominance…. in a really literal way, considering he takes up most of the image…


That’s it for my design blitz!


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