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Design Blitz

This week, I had to explore of design blitz. I knew some concepts those were listed on the website, but finding the objects, ads, sign, etc was really harder than I thought. Whenever I walked around the campus or street, I tried to find what would fit under any of concepts. And these four pictures are what I got.

1. Dominance


This is a black bean on tons of white rice. When I was going to make cooked rice, I scooped some rices and black beans from the ziplock bag. After I scooped it I just looked at them and figured out that a black bean is focal point in this picture, because that the shape of the rices and bean is kind of similar (oval shape) but different color. Since dominance is relies on contrast (without it, it would look same), it creates a visual hierarchy in any designs. In a opposite, lack of dominance between elements in the design would compete with each other and make viewers hard to figure out the main point of the design. However, too many dominance (creating more than 3 dominance) would to much and make viewers to not figure out the purpose of the design.

2. Balance


There are two types of balance: symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance. The object I found is symmetrical balance, a chair. As it is symmetrical balance it able to stand stably with no shaking and make people to sit on it comfortably. Symmetrical balance is also known as formal balance because it creates a mirror image about a vertical or horizontal axis. This concept create the results look formal organized and orderly.

3. Rhythm


There are three types of rhythm: repetition, alternation, and gradation. The picture I took is crosswalk which have repetition rhythm. Repetition rhythm is predictable and repeat same thing over and over again so there is no fun and interesting going on design. However, the picture of crosswalk seems like gradation rhythm which create patterns through a progression of regular steps. As using this rhythm, it create the feeling of distance. The gradation rhythm is more interest and leads visual tensions to direct the viewers’  eyes along the progression, and it tends to direct the eyes along to progression which mean that it would capture viewers’ attention more effectively than repetition rhythm.

4. Symbol


As you notice, it the letter M with yellow colored symbolize the McDonald’s. When I walked cross the campus in dark nigh, I saw just yellow lightening M in a distance. I immediately knew that is representation of McDonald’s. So I walked to McDonald’s next day afternoon and took it. The symbol can be logo and logo can become symbol of company. The symbol can be really simple or complex. But the very important point is that it has to have strong impact so whoever see it first, would able to tell what it represent next time they see it. In my opinion, this is perfect example of symbol. As this symbol is well known through worldwide, everyone know whenever they see the yellow M, it symbolize the McDonald’s.

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