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Design BLITZ


1.Balance: I chose this picture in order to show balance because I took it during the week in one of the times I was walking around campus exploring a little bit this week. It was on the little stage behind Trinkle and it was a nice little area. I think this shows balance because it shows even distribution of everything shown in the picture, theres a clear distinction of what is the focus point of the piece, but there is also even separation among what is the focus point and what is more of a leverage point, just there for show.


2. Symbols: I chose this picture because when it comes to snow, I am truly a five year old without any question asked. I love snow so much and just the sight of it instantly puts me in a good mood, like I think it really does for most people. But anyway, snow symbolizes the cold and winter, but it can also symbolize peace and happiness because it sets a kind of serene feeling and makes everything seem calmer. I know it does that for me.


3. Message: Yes. This is the wall in my room at home, yes I used to have a extreme obsession with Justin Bieber and yes..I still love this quote. I think this displays a great message, It tells you to follow your dreams, don’t let anyone else ever get in the way of that. When it came to college I was really unsure if I was going to cheer, people were telling me I wasn’t good enough, but here I am, now having cheered on two amazing college teams and soon to be competing at the college level. ALL BECAUSE I NEVER SAID NEVER!


3. Color. I think this shows a great use of different colors and making everything blend right. The colors are bright, all different shades and some even different colors, yet the use of colors brings out the quote, shows the meaning and shows what is more important of what is being written. It also draws the eye and attention to the picture.

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