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Design is fine and I really hate papyrus

Oh my goodness I love this week already. If I weren’t going into teaching I’d be going into graphic design. So this week is like heaven for me! I’m ready to dive right in!

The Vignelli book was amazing. Everything in there, I just kept trying to absorb as much as I could, and honestly I’ll probably read it again next week when I’m not so busy (which I really am, but you don’t want to hear about that). I really loved all the stuff on layout and grids because in the classes I took in high school we didn’t go any further into that than the rule of thirds. And I thought all the typography was neat too. I’ve always thought more about showing contrast through my font choices rather than font size like Vignelli said to try. Though I’m not sure about what he said about most fonts besides those few he listed being trash though. Maybe in books or in print, sure, but for more illustrative things I think branching out is fine. Just as long as you don’t branch out into papyrus or comic sans (seriously don’t even get me started on papyrus; my hatred for the font papyrus is endless. Do you want me to write an essay on it? because I probably could). I’m really a big fan of hand lettering, even if I’m not skilled enough to do it. As a last note for the Vignelli reading, I want to say I’ve also never consciously put much thought into semantics or syntax, and this has kind of inspired me to really step back from a project, and try not to just make something that looks nice, but to put more of my heart into it and focus on the little details and meaning behind everything.

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