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I shopped and I walked around the Kids Expo in Fredericksburg and it was very difficult. Most of what I found was simply poster type ads. I was able to come up with 10 photos/images and they are posted in my Design  Blitz album in Flickr. It was kind of cool trying to find things or pictures that fit the description. Of all the concepts I think I like the color. Color sets the mood and draws attention. I also liked the typography because I was able to relate it back to our daily create of a creative hand. The words blend with my desire to write and the hand for the creativity and I found this picture:


I say color was my favorite concept because it creates mood and draws attention and the picture I found is usually done with a box of crayons and it really cool. To me it also has a touch of noir in it starting out in total black background. Definitely meets the color requirement:


Symbols or symbolism is a part of almost every person’s day. We all see different symbols and react or stop just because they are aware of the symbols and what it represents. Like boys and their toys no matter how old they are good old John Deere is usually a part of the toy chest:

john_deere symbols

I’m not sure if the next picture of a snowy day (today actually Valentines Day) in PA a friend took this picture. I am no sure if it is dominance because it is almost totally white with all the snow or space because it is almost totally white:


Let’s not forget form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, and unity. I think all of these elements are effective depending on what you are looking at. Of course some pictures can combine and use several elements at once which would make it difficult to determine which one is most effective. I must share my photo showing proportion. I believe it is very effective and cute:


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