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DesignBlitz: Signs

This week we were asked to do a “designblitz” where we take pictures of ads, signs, etc. that illustrate principals/elements of visual design. So, in the spirit of noir, I took to the streets one cold, rainy night (Monday) to see how businesses use signs and lights to reach through the darkness and capture the eyes of passers-by. These signs use various elements¬† (colors, minimalism, typography, form/function/message, and one more; light) to convey their meaning in a clear and appealing way.

Corey’s colorful neon signs light up the night, while clearly conveying their message without elaboration. They catch the eye and can be easily read, even by shady figures lurking in the alley across the street.

College Heights dry cleaners is smart enough to make the words saying what they sell bigger than their name, but while bright, there sign shows no particular flare, nothing to make it stand out. If you weren’t already on the lookout for it, you might just glance over it without really paying attention.

The Greyhound sign is bright and simple, highly recognizable, and in a bold Helvetica, or at least something similar. Furthermore, their name and logo suggest speed, a valuable trait when in the business of transportation.

The Gentleman’s Club Barbershop elegantly combines typography, minimalism, and clever use of negative space to suggest an air of old-timey sophistication and of course to highlight what they deal in: hair.

The Merryman’s sign leaves much to be desired, such as lighting, balance, and simplicity, though they do make a stab at utilizing typography.

The hotel sign is minimalist and clear. Though nothing about it is special, it gets the message out, with the help of altitude and size.

Finally we have little Allman’s. Nothing too special here either, but the large windows let plenty of light spill out onto the street, while two “open” signs blink behind the glass in bright neon colors. Its likely they’re trying to give off a hole-in-the-wall vibe, which they certainly achieve.


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