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Detective Longs

WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE? His overly tan crisp skin is always dressed with name brand clothing. A Michael Khors watch covering a large portion of his muscular wrists, always on the right side for good luck, wearing only the finest brand of clothing, from dress shoes, to a collard shirt and a bow tie and jacket. His thick, long black hair is always greased and combed back with volume, but stiff to the touch of anyone. His deep brown eyes staring daggers into anyone who crosses him, but drawing in all of the ladies with his charming sweet eyes. His lips thin, always flat, never a smile, never a emotion to be displayed upon them. His ears are both pierced with overly sized diamonds that show he knows his way around the town. His body clearly built from endless fights and days at the gym, the muscles show through the clothes and make all run away except those who dare to face him. Scars and bruises line his arms and face, proving to those he will fight and he isn’t afraid to put up a strong fight. A ringless wedding finger is also displayed due to the tragic story of his widowed wife..but thats to come later..

MY BIO: Longs was born in Bronx, New York to a typical New York family living day by day. He started his young days by working the streets, drug deals, sleeping with girls and dealing with strippers were all apart of a days work for him and his grew. He was known to be rough, tough and not afraid to use his hands and get dirty in a fight. After being sent to jail multiple times, once for getting into a fight with his mother and sending her to the hospital, he realized he didn’t want to end up in jail for the rest of his life like his no good father. He turned his life around and became a private detective, helping gangs and people who owed others money get what they deserved, basically just working the streets in a different manner. He wifed one of his strippers and was happily married until she got involved with one of the gang members, later killing her and the member, he slowly starts going back into his own ways only to realize working the streets are a lot different now and his life is actually at risk.

MY MOTTO: “It’s a jungle, and it’s dog-eat-dog. When you see the police doing the same thing the looters are doing, it tells me your going to have to fend for yourself..” -Glenn King

FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken parm, a Italian and New York classic!

FAVORITE COLOR: Blue, DARK BLUE! Have to look fresh and crisp, but also tough at the same time.

MARITAL STATUS: Widowed..I kind of got mad..

JOB: Private detective, I tried getting off the streets, but they always call my name..

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