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Deutsch is Wunderbar!

Make ‘Em Laugh (1 1/2 Stars)

I chose this audio assignment because I am a German major and can speak German, so it felt only natural to choose the audio assignment in another language. I googled jokes in German, which for the most part I didn’t understand, so I either don’t understand German humor or there are some strange play on words that are lost to me, but this one I got.

Translation: A Joke in the Coffeehouse

A man says to the waiter, “Sir, my coffee is cold!”

The waiter replies, “Good that you told me, Sir! Iced Coffee costs a Euro more…”

Getting the pronunciation and inflection was not a huge struggle for this one, and I enjoyed adding the music and the laugh track. I kind of wish I could add laugh tracks and background music to my life, because it makes everything sound better. Also, I am still not over how strange my voice sounds when recorded.

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