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Dipping my pen in the writer’s ink – Weekly Summary, Week 2

^This is an accurate depiction of how I felt doing ds106 work this week.

Yet, I had a lot – and I mean a lot – of fun with the assignments this week. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and trying my hand (or my keys) at noir writing was, to say the least, interesting.

The writing assignments were great because they offered such a wide variety of options. I liked being able to create longer narratives (whether it be through my own characters or someone else’s), but I especially liked the poetry assignments. It was fun to get creative with words that are chosen for you – a very interesting challenge. It also makes me start to think that inspiration can really come from anywhere, be it Twitter or the Twilight Zone.

The writing was definitely challenging. It takes more effort than I expected to keep churning out posts that were individually distinct while also keeping with the noir aesthetic, which I know wasn’t necessarily required but something I wanted to try and do. At the same time, I felt so accomplished looking back and seeing all the work I created this week. It was definitely a lot, but it felt pretty cool to have made so much, especially creating my own character. I’m excited to see where this project leads throughout the semester.

Plus, we got some pretty great examples to draw inspiration from. It’s always said that reading is the best way to become a better writer, and this week’s offerings were full of enough noir to inspire anyone to jump into the genre.

And that brings me to the daily creates. These were extremely fun to do. I liked being surprised each time, not knowing what would be prompted of me for each TDC. The haiku daily create was a great introduction into the week of busy writing. The daily creates are so rewarding because it felt like I created something out of the most typical things. For example, who thought a simple picture of my eye could count as creative content?



Additionally, the daily creates got me thinking about everything I looked at as an opportunity to create content. The daily create of taking 10 photos of your day was so much fun because I found myself paying attention to things I would normally glance over. Not only did I water my plants, but I used that mundane activity toward a project. Not only did I wear boots because it was raining, but that was a defining part of the day. It really had me looking back on my day and feeling happy about all the things I got to do.



The daily creates are also great because they encourage using a different type of medium each time. While this writing was focused on writing, the daily creates had me practicing with photography as well, which will surely be a major player in future assignments.

I feel pretty good about this week, but I’ve always enjoyed writing so I’m interested to see what comes next week. I’m sure it will be challenging, but, hey, it can’t be noir without a little bit of fear involved. See you next week!


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