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Donnie’s Gone Dotty

Robinson Color CartoonRobinson Pipe Cartoon

Seeing as the Cartoon You assignment was so simple, I decided to include 2 pictures this time.

I opened up each picture in GIMP, found the Filters tab, traced down to Artistic, and found the Cartoon effect.  I used the provided sliders and retro-fied Donnie…twice. I really like the one, on the left because of the effect the cartooning had on his jacket. I almost made the mask radius too large to see the hint of the red flower sticking out of his breast pocket, so I had to make sure that was included to give it a wee bit of flair.

This assignment put me past the six required points. It was supposedly worth three points, but I only needed one, and this didn’t seem hard enough to justify its point value, so I think one point would be reasonable.








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