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Don’t drop the soap….. and other shower horrors

I’ve always loved myself a good suspense, psychological thriller. Never gory though. I took anatomy in high school so I can see how much producers exaggerate the violence and give the killer super-human strength. But give me a good psychological thriller and I’m scared to walk through a dark hallway. ANYWAYS… the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is about a woman named Marion Crane running away with $40,000 entrusted to her by her employer. After running away with the money and spending a long day on the road, she stays the night at a Bate’s motel. Long story short, the guy who owns it is crazy, kills everyone but the cop who arrests him, and thinks he’s his dead mother.

Bates is sitting in the interrogation room, after asking for a blanket. You’re inside his head and he’s thinking like his mom. It closes the scene with him thinking “I wouldn’t hurt a fly…”

We need to go all the way back to where Marion’s sister discovers the secret. She should’ve found the dead boy of the officer that was murdered and been looking for Bates instead of Mrs. Bates. She gets ambushed by Bates (dressed as Mrs.Bates) and flees into the cellar where she finds the real Mrs. Bates body. She does get stabbed, but it’s not fatal because the detective comes in and subdues him. He takes the sister to the hospital, bringing Bates into the car with him. Bates hits the detective over the head and drops both the detective and the sister off on the side of the road and drives off.

I believe the original ending, while good, was a little anti-climactic. I had the TV show “Criminal Minds” and this show was the inspiration for my ending

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