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Don’t Mind Me I’m Just Here For the Lighting…

Like a lot of people, I enjoy taking pictures.

Normally, my photos are usually of friends and family, as well as nature scenes. I wouldn’t at ANY length call myself a photographer, but one of those things that I would love to do is to take pictures for National Geographic. I think that must be the coolest gig in the world. So, I try to emulate that and take pictures of the outdoors. Don’t take this as a “oh ho I’m such an artiste I love photography” thing. Really, I just taking pictures is fun and if I could be potentially PAID for that some day as, like, a side job, that’d be pretty rad.

In terms of an approach to photography, I guess I really don’t have one. If I go on a hike or something or a trip somewhere, i’ll bring my camera along and be that “one friend” who stops to take pictures of the flowers and trees. I dunno. I like it. What I really want to start doing is, beyond nature photos of bears and lions and stuff, I want to start photographing people more. Now, personally, I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken. I always look weird and feel awkward so generally I’m just not a fan. But, knowing that, I think I can try to take really nice pictures of people since I know how I want to be photographed. I feel like I could really do a good job making people look nice in pictures. Like I’ve said before, I’m not fantastic. This is like a pet project that I’ve been thinking about.

In terms of my pictures, I guess I really want to emulate an exciting feeling about a place, animal or thing. You know how when you look at a National Geographic picture and are like, “WOW man I wish I could go there and see that!!” That’s kinda what I want people to feel. I want people to see my pictures, and have a weird wanderlust thing happen. I also really like the woodsy, calm pictures with a green tint to them that make you want to go to a cabin and drink hot chocolate or something.

I haven’t really explored the “artsy” side of photography- like the ones you see at art galleries or that are popular on Instagram or the Flickr home page. I don’t know how to create sets or mood lighting or anything like that. It would be fun to try it, though!

Since I am a novice, I’m not sure how “successful” my pictures are. I’m still trying out new techniques and styles. Hopefully, even though it will take awhile, I’ll eventually get to a point where I feel really, really good about my pictures. I guess to start this whole journey, the most obvious step is to take more pictures. Not just candid pictures, either. But actual thought out, pre meditated, correctly lit, pictures. It’s time consuming, but I think it’s worth it. That’s my next step. Honestly, though, I like how this week I have to force myself out of my comfort zone in terms of photography and to take pictures using a variety of guidelines and noir techniques. While I may know some elements of noir, that doesn’t mean I’ve ever taken pictures in the noir style!

Also, if you’d like to look, I set up a tumblr blog page with some photos. Haven’t updated it in awhile, but its still there if you want to take a look. Please let me know what you think- I’d love to improve!

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