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Bumper Sticker

How’s that for a Bumper Sticker? This assignment is worth 3.5 stars and I decided to dedicate this one to my character, Lawrence Spitler.  This assignment included creating a bumper sticker.  That was all the criteria so I decided to use it for 3.5/6 stars for my character for the week.

As you may well already know, he’s a hitman so he’s obviously Pro-Gun.  The pun is intended because he likes guns more than he likes buns (from I Like Big Butts by Sir Mixalot, for those who are lost).  I chose this assignment for my character mainly because I could pull this pun off with it.  I had to LOL after I thought of it but as soon as I thought of it I knew I had to do it.  I used the same photo editing program to create this picture and found a gun picture through an internet search.  I think this would be funny to see on someone’s car who is for gun rights.


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