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DS106 Assignment 1

Hi, my name is Brenda Levoy and I’m working my way diligently thru the 1st assignment, this has been a really interesting process and I am way out of my comfort zone.  I have only posted on Facebook, so all these new programs are really foreign to me.  I decided to start with Twitter, I thought that would be the easiest one.  It was a little intimidating but I sent my first tweet.  Here is my first awkward post

Next attempt was Flickr, it wasn’t really bad and I added my 5 photos.









Next I did SoundCloud, that was very weird to me because I don’t often post pictures of myself and I am sure my voice doesn’t really sound like that, but,  here is my intro to that site.

My last site, and I do think I saved the worst for last was YouTube, I had this great idea to upload a PowerPoint but found out after a lot of work that they don’t let you post a PowerPoint.  I figured out how to change it to an appropriate file, but that sure was a lot of stress.  Here is that introduction.

Last, but not least, what is my impression of Noir.  What comes to mind at first is the old movies with the woman in distress trying to contact the private detective to solve some problem she has.   I watched several of the videos referenced and did the reading.  It seems that it is just a way of presenting something dark and dangerous.  I remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon from when I was a kid, and I had never seen Courageous cat before.  Both of these just had your generic gangsters in them.  I also listened to the “Suspense” video called Ghost Hunt, the music was extremely dramatic and added to the suspense.   It is very interesting to listen to the announcer loose his mind.  I watched the show, “Pretty Little Liars” the Shadow Play episode, I hadn’t watched it before so I am unfamiliar with the plot line.  It was strange how she took the medication and the whole cast moved to the 40s.  The last one looked at was “Nightmare Town”  this was a short story and it is very descriptive and suspenseful.

A film I think would be considered Noir is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, I don’t know for sure, but after viewing all the movies and videos it is the first one that comes to mind.  It is dark and mysterious at times and seems to follow a lot of the Noir style.

My weekly summary would be a really frustrating one, it has been a long week of confusion and questions.  I think I have just about everything figured out now and I look forward to this Bootcamp ending.    I think the hardest part was figuring out how to do this blog.  I have never blogged before and it has been a frustrating experience.  I really feel that things will better from here on out.



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