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ds106 Radio Reflection

On Wednesday night, I listed to the ds106 radio and participated in live tweet. It was really great experience that I never had before. It was nice to see the others people’s thought while listening to the radio. One of the great I really liked about live tweeter was whenever I missed the dialogues, the other listeners put on the tweeter so I was able to catch up the sentences I missed. The radio was about a woman named Phyllis kills her first husband and fell in love with Walter. When I heard this story, I think the basic story guide line is same as the novel called ” The Postman Always Rings Twice.” Since it is radio, I was not able to see the scenes, but the sound and noises were so detailed and go well with the conversations of the characters, I was able to develop the scenes in my head.

These are tweets that I posted while I was listening.

I never had this kind of assignment but I really loved this assignment!

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