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Ending to first week

This week was very interesting. I have never made any of the social media that we need for this class. Twitter has to be one of the hardest things to use. I don’t get what people are saying or how they find things in it. I know that Twitter will be something that I will have to work on for a while before I really am conformable using it.

I really like flickr. I love doing things like photo and video editing so flickr is fun to see a picture that I took turn from just a normal picture to something that looks totally different. Even though I do like using flickr I am still trying to learn how to tag the pictures and name them and even search for different pictures.

Gravatar had to be the hardest to use. The sad part was that it is so simple but it took me so long to finally get it to work. I had to add different emails and change the picture multiple times but I finally got it to work. Other than how long it took me to finally figure out that I had the wrong email Gravatar has to be the easiest out of them all.

SoundCloud gave me no trouble. All I had to do was set it up then start to add the music that I want into the categories that I thought they fight in perfectly.

The last social media that we were told to use was YouTube. So far all I’ve ever had to do with it was search for the things I wanted. This class I have a feeling will challenge me if I have to upload things to it or try and take things from it. So far though YouTube shows to be no trouble.

Well I guess this blog is also a social media site so I need to add this one as well. I had not trouble with this. I have used a blog on my domain in another class so opening this new one was not hard and learning how to use it was not hard either.

So to sum up this week I am excited for the class but not excited for the course load. I do not think it is going to be impossible to handle as long as I follow what the syllabus says every week and do not wait till the last second. Well don’t be scared to tweet me @a_seay55 and I’ll figure out how to reply eventually.




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