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To finish up my stars for the week, I decided to do the Make ‘em Laugh assignment (worth 1.5 stars). The task?: Find a good, brief joke in a language other than your mother tongue; if you don’t know any other languages this might be a good way to start learning. Record your voice telling the joke focusing on pronunciation and try to make it sound as natural as you can with appropriate vocal inflections. Add a music track underneath and a laugh track at the end.

This assignment was EXTREMELY fun! I grew up learningEnglish and a little bit of French, and have visited France at least once a year since I was born. Since half of my family lives in France, the French language and culture has always been a huge part of my life. My dad sends me jokes at least once a week, but those were definitely way too complicated to put in an audio post. I decided I would do a joke my dad told me when I was little, that to this day I find hilarious. 


The english translation: A snail waits for his friend the slug. She arrives late, and the snail says to her “and in addition you didn’t bring your backpack?”

This joke gets me every time. I think it is hilarious, even in English. When I was deciding on a joke to do, I felt that it was important that the joke be translatable. There are many jokes that you cannot translate to English, which is always upsetting because some French jokes are SO FUNNY.

However, to create my masterpiece I recorded myself saying the joke in my best French accent ( I haven’t been to France in a year, so I’m a bit rusty). I then found some music on freesound which I thought fit well into a mini-joke segment. The song was a little too short for my joke, so I ended up changing the speed of it by slowing it down to make it a little longer. The last thing I did was find some laughing and clapping sounds. There were so many to choose from, but I am extremely happy with how the one I chose played out I was able to create a little into “Jokes with Mia” which really helped make the audio more my own.

I’m happy with how this turned out, and I’m really getting the hang of audacity. I think that I am definitely a pro at cutting, pasting, and moving pieces around.

These are the sounds I used, along with my voice.

Background Music


and here is my final product!


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