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Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Short Story With Random Words And Animal (2 Points) 

My random words: beaver, steel, charisma, strong, gutless, fluent, blast, smooth, again, sugar — Animal of choice: cat

I was on another case. My boss had caught word that there was to be some sort of meeting in the woods just outside the Valley Heights subdivision tonight, and he had sent me out to sleuth on this Mr. Mueller. He had been hesitant this time though after my last screw up. He said, “Sarah, you can’t screw this one up again, or else you are out of the job.” I told him I could do it, he could count on me. Mr. Mueller wouldn’t trip me up like Boris had. I wasn’t some gutless coward. I was strong.

So I made my way into the woods. My walk was smooth, so I didn’t attract attention. I crouched down in the brush at the edge of the forest to have a view of the road. Thirty minutes passed before I saw the steel vehicle barrel up the road. Two men got out, and walked into the forest about ten feet from where I had hid myself. I followed quietly behind them to a clearing where Mr. Mueller was already standing. He was tall with a beer belly. He spoke to the two men in German. Thankfully, being from New England, I was fluent as well. Mueller spoke of some sort of sugar shipment that would be arriving in the morning at a warehouse in the city. I suspected it to be code for something else. He spoke with a lot of charisma. I was enthralled. I attempted to get a closer listen, but started hearing a rustling in the bushes nearby. I froze. Was there a fourth person coming to the meeting?

A tan, furry creature crept out of the bushes five feet from me. It crawled beaver-like towards me, and suddenly I was making eyes with a sweet, ginger cat. I gasped aloud by accident, which was thankfully drowned out by a sudden sharp blast coming from the subdivision. The men quickly scattered, and it was just me and this cat. I picked him up and pet him. I think I will keep him.



So I really love writing stories with random words or a randomized first sentence. It has been something I have really enjoyed ever since I was in middle school, because I am super indecisive and often struggle with a starting place for creative writing assignments. So that was why I chose to do this particular assignment from the writing assignment bank. I’m not going to lie though, I didn’t use my first set of random words.

I really wanted to try to create a story to do some more character development for my character dossier, Sarah Mustard. I chose to write in first person, with Sarah narrating, because I felt that gave it more of a noir feel. I liked the idea of telling a story of her on one of her cases. Also, she seemed like someone who would have a cat, and because I had to find a way to incorporate an animal into the story, I determined that Sarah Mustard would find a new pet cat.

ginger cat

I didn’t find it too challenging to write this story, once I got the idea for it. The random words seemed to fit together fairly well (except maybe beaver, since my story takes place in L.A.). I also couldn’t resist the opportunity to somehow make Sarah Mustard fluent in German.

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