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FIFA 15.. Re-imagined

Fifa 15.. Re-imagined is one of our Visual Assignments from the Assignment Bank titled “Honest Game Cover”.  Honest Game Cover tells you to pick a random video game and give it a new or “honest” title of what the game really is.  Here is my interpretation of FIFA-15 for Xbox One:

FIFA 15.. Reimagined

I know, it’s quite funny.  Although FIFA is one of my favorite games, I know more than a few people that are really good at FIFA and have no idea how to play real soccer.  I joke with them about this all the time.  So, when I saw this assignment in the Assignment Bank, I knew it was for me.  Editing photos isn’t my strong-suit, but I had fun trying to figure out what to do with this one.  I frequently use an engineering software called Bluebeam for work (I am a Project Manager), but unfortunately uploading a .pdf file to either Flickr or this “Add Media” option on WordPress wouldn’t bring up the picture correctly.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!

If you have any suggestions of free photo/video editing software please let me know.  I probably know of some I just can’t think of any right now. Thanks!

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