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Finally, a bumper!

Here is my radio bumper!  After hours of trying to figure out how to use and play with Audacity I created this!  The background music is Jorge Quintero’s 300 Violin Orchestra which I thought fit noir pretty well because it builds up and creates a suspenseful mood. I was able to record my own voice and then manipulate it to sound like a voice that was actually from a radio so I thought that was pretty cool.  Looking up how to do that was actually one of the first things I looked for a tutorial for!  It’s nothing too drastic, but I think I did an alright job considering this is my first time working with editing and playing with audio.  I think this will definitely be useful because I like to sing and record myself doing so, so I think this knowledge will help me be able to edit my recordings so they can sound a little better!

This was a frustrating assignment because I couldn’t figure out how to save my file as an MP3 even after downloading the LAME encoder so I had to watch and read many tutorials before I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  Turned out, I was just trying to go too fast through the saving process and didn’t fill out enough information for the metadata which is why it wouldn’t save.

I decided to get this assignment out of the way early because I knew I would need a while to figure out how to do everything since (like I said before) this is my first experience manipulating audio.  Now that it’s over I think I’ll be able to maneuver my way through the rest of the assignments this week with a bit more ease!

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