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First Week Summary

I was really worried about this course becasue I had not take any online course before so I could not even guess how this course is going to work. So when I got e-mail about how ds106, my concern grew larger. So I e-mail Professor Groom about questions that I have and made my mind to do first assginment and decide whether I’m going to stay or drop the class. The assingments for this week was a lot, but the good thing was the assignments were not that hard. It kind of frastrating to choose the domain name, because I’m not that creative with choosing or making name. Among the assignments, the easiest part was registering for my social media. But setting up WordPress was harder than I thought. I’m not a blogger or SNS person so it was kind of awkward to post on blog and twitter. I usually use the computer for homeworks or watching TV. But I started to like using blog and twitter, posting my thoughts and feelings and people make comments on my post is easiest method to share informations from different place.

Film Noir, when I read the article that was posted on the website, I thought that it was only for white and black films that were made during certain time period. Also, it was kind of hard for me to understand the informaitions and definition of Film Noir. Therefore, I need to do some research in order to understand the term. One of the sources that I used to understand better was viewing the videos those are posted on the website I watched The Case of the Cat Cave Treasure, Racketeer Rabbit, and trailer for The Backstage Rage. From these three videos, I found that they are deal with some kind of violent tools (ex. gun, bombs, etc.) Also, there were some characters who are vulgar, and the background music was kind of dismal tone. I came up with the example of Film Noir, movie called The Great Gatsby which made in 1974.

It was really great experience to start to share my story on blog and twitter. I’m kind of excited about next assignment. And I decided not to drop. :)

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