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First Weekly Summary

Here is my first weekly summary of DS106 where I will review each of the steps required for the first assignment.

The first of the many steps was to take a gander at the syllabus. In my opinion, I really like the structure explained for this class as I enjoy having one, consistent date to turn in assignments. To be honest, I would struggle in this class if each assignment was given a unique date since there is a lot to lose track of. So far I have no complaints and I am looking forward to our next media assignments.

The next step was to create a domain. This to me was the most interesting, yet complicating step because I very soon became EXTREMELY picky with my potential domain name, mainly due to the fact that I am going to be stuck with it! With the help of friends and their creative suggestions, I decided to settle with the name “” since it slips off the tongue nicely as well as implies that this website is about me (Brian Goulet) and my daily activities. It may sound cheesy, but personally I feel that it is kind of nifty.

Following the domain creation, I proceeded to WordPress and registering my blog. This was a straightforward process so I do not really have much to say about this other than cheers to myself for completing it…Onwards!

After registering the blog, it was time to choose my face. And by my face, I mean the avatar icon that others will see wherever and whenever I post something. Many choices, but I felt adventurous so I went with the following image:

Old Rag Peak

I then continued along the long list of steps and moved towards the social media aspect of this assignment. I already had all of the social media accounts that were requested of us to make, so all i had to do was plot the above photo as my avatar for all of the accounts. Thanks to Gravatar, it was a breeze.

To put the icing on the cake, I made my initial introduction to the world wide web!

And with that, I have finished technical part of the first assignment and boy was it a good load. I have however learned that you will need A TON of patience with your internet connection because these processes can be really, really slow depending on your connectivity! Nonetheless, I am still alive and breathing.

To wrap it all up, I have enjoyed this assignment. Not too much, not too little, but just right. I am not 100% sure about my understanding the whole Noir theme, but I think I have somewhat of a grasp. Using my French knowledge and viewing the examples from the list, I have concluded that Noir is mysterious, sometimes dark. Considering that Noir means “Black” in English, I stand with my claim, otherwise I will just remain open-minded.

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