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Focus on Red: a Power Color

At the beginning of the year, my room mates and I entered the My room, My UMW photo contest. Sadly, we missed the submission deadline by two minutes despite the fact that no one else from Eagle Landing entered. I chose to make some use of the pictures and use them for the Focus on One Color Visual Assignment for two stars. So get ready for this never before seen footage of our clean room.

One color pic
I chose to focus on the color red taking a cue from our photography readings. The red colors grabbed my attention the most despite not being the most common color seen throughout the room. Additionally, by choosing red I think it highlights parts of the room that the eye might not jump to, such as the picture in the back. It also focuses on Captain America’s background as opposed to Captain America himself. I edited the photo on picmonkey¬†which gave me the opportunity to learn more about the editing tools. In reflecting on my choices, I realized how much I like the red contrasting with the black and white. Red is sometimes viewed as a power color and thus starkly contrasts it’s surroundings.

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