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Four Icons And A Story

Design Assignment:

One Story / Four Icons 2.5?

For this assignment we had to choose a story and pick four icons that represent that story. I know it said to let people guess, but I actually chose this assignment for my character that not a lot of people know about.

I wanted to do this assignment for my character because I thought it was a perfect opportunity to sum up her story in a very simplistic way. It took me a while to decide which icons I wanted to use to represent her, but in the end I think I got her story right.

Four Icons And A Story

The cross on the headstone not only represents her catholic religion, but also the death of her father when she was very young. The two rings represent her and her husbands wedding rings. The chalk out line represents that she works with homicide detectives as a forensic technician.  She specialized in taking photos of crime scenes and evidence so that is why I chose the camera as the last icon.

For this assignment I used the website The Noun Project. I really loved this website. It has almost every icon you could possibly need. I just searched for all the icons I needed and downloaded them to my computer. After that I just used paint to edit the icons together.


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