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Four to go

This concludes another week in ds106! Let’s take a look back at what I did this week.

1. Thought about audio storytelling

The first thing I did this week was explore audio storytelling. I compared the original and the restored versions of “Touch of Evil” opening shot, and I explained why I thought the original was more suspenseful. Then I read “The Ambience of Film Noir- Soundscapes, Design and Mood” by Helen Hanson and shared my thoughts on it. Lastly, I listened to a ds106 radio presentation of “The Maltese Falcon” and participated in a live tweet-along. Here’s the post!

2. Did two daily creates

This week I did two daily creates, on Tuesday and Thursday. Find out more about them here.

3. Downloaded and experimented with Audacity

This is the first experience I had with audio editing software, and I must say I enjoyed it. I mostly taught myself how to use it through trial-and-error, and I ended up learning how to cut, layer, move, and speed up audio, all skills I would need for the rest of the week’s work.

4. Made a radio bumper

After listening to a ds106 radio presentation on Tuesday, I then had to create a bumper to introduce the station. I used audacity to do this by layering voice-over on top of background music. Learn more about my bumper here.

5. Did 8+ stars worth of audio assignments

The first assignment I did was a sound effect story. It was a lot of fun. I talk more about it here.

The next one I did was called “Can’t get it out of my head”. It involved a popular tune, and my insane whistling abilities. Check it out here.

The last assignment I did was a fake 911 call. I had a real emergency on my hands, that you can learn more about here.

6. Brainstormed radio show ideas

The final thing I did this week was think about some ideas for the radio show that I will be working on in a few weeks. You can see my ideas here.

And that’s all folks! Another week of ds106 is in the books! I had a lot of fun this week diving into audio and noir. Hopefully next week will be just as fun. Until next time!

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