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From Checkbooks to Lipstick

A little glimpse into Blair’s life. Be Prepared, or Scared, or both……

For 3 mandatory stars, we had to create some type of bag for our character (What’s in Your Bag?), and spread its contents out. Now as you all obviously know (since you’ve read up on my character Blair). She is a mysterious woman, with a dark side. Below is a picture of her bag, as well as the contents of said bag.

Blair's Bag

Now, the details of her bag get a little obscure, but bear with me.

Her black purse is her favorite purse. Not only is it big enough for all of her belongings, it is big enough to hide her secrets when she needs to. She is somewhat of a klepto, and she likes to steal things from crime scenes. There is an old saying that girls are either purse girls, or shoe girls. Well, Blair is definitely a purse girl.

Now, you would think a checkbook would be used to document bank statements and uses of monies. Well not in Blair’s case. She uses her checkbook to keep track of all the items she has stolen from crime scenes. She is very organized, and has never forgotten to log anything. She puts the date, crime, and location, making sure not to make any mistakes.

Her trusty pen is always on hand. She uses this pen not only to write in her log book, but to do everything else that requires a pen. She refuses to use someone else’s. This pen writes exactly the way she likes. Blair is a lefty, so pens tend to smudge all over her hand when she writes. This pen, however, does not. It is perfect.

Next is her wallet. She never goes anywhere without it! Inside you will find the usual– License, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, gift cards, store bonus cards, pictures of her kids, some cash and a picture of her birth parents, folded in 4ths and tucked in the back. She found that picture online, but no one knows she has it. Her wallet contains everything she needs to get by when she is out and about.

Blair never leaves home without a pair of sunglasses. She has perfect vision, and she wants to keep it that way. She wears them even when it is not sunny, and she tends to push them up to rest on her head when she is inside. These glasses were given to her by her neighbor, as a gift for watching their cat, Puffles, when they went on vacation.

One thing Blair is obsessed with is her Berry Red lipstick. She puts it on before she leaves in the morning, and reapplies hourly. She has been wearing this same color since the death of her husband. Before she would wear a solid red, but now she feels as though the berry does her face justice.

What woman leaves home without a mirror? Mirrors are vital to check for blemishes or make up faults. Blair also uses her mirror to check behind her when she is trying to eavesdrop. This mirror is small enough to make it seem like she is just trying to fix her makeup, but it really has an ulterior purpose.

Her pocket knife is for protection. Living in Detroit, you come across some questionable people. She likes to have this on her in case of emergency. It is also part of her stolen items collection. She obtained this knife from a house which was robbed. She was cleaning up and found it laying on a table. She swiped it, and recorded it into her book. She has never had to actually use it yet…

Diapers. When you have 5 children under the age of 10, (3 that are 5 and under) you would have diapers too. You never know when you are going to leave the diaper bag in the car, or when one of the kids will have an accident. They are also VERY absorbent and can be used many other ways if you think outside of the box.

She obviously carries her crime scene investigator badge. She is not allowed on scene without it, and she sometimes uses it in ways she is not supposed to, especially to get what she wants out of people. While she is only responsible for clean up, she doesn’t have to  tell other people that. CSI is CSI.

Her house key is attached to a lanyard made by her oldest child Charles Jr. He made it for her at school during recess. While she thinks it is the ugliest creation, he was so proud of it that she couldn’t say no to putting it on her key. It does help her keep track of it.

Blair carries tissues, like a typical mother. Tissues can be used for your nose, for your mouth, to clean a table, etc. They are very handy and should be in EVERYONE’S bag or purse. You never know when you are going to need one. She only uses kleenex brand, though. She feels as though the knock offs dry her nose out, and she’d rather spend a little more to feel a little better.

Gum is something Blair lives off of. She always has a piece in her mouth, no matter where she is. It helps to calm her down. It also gives her rhythm to follow when she is walking. Another benefit is that it keeps her breath smelling fresh, just incase she comes across someone to be interested in.

This picture is something she found at a crime scene. It was in a frame hanging on the wall above a dead woman. She took it out stealthily and keeps it in her purse. Why this picture? No reason. She saw it. She liked it, and she took it. She does this often at houses she enters. This is the only one she has ever kept in her purse. The others are in an album inside her drawer of stolen items.

Lastly are a pair of skeleton keys. These keys came from the first crime scene she ever cleaned up. They were laying outside on the sidewalk next to the trash can. She saw them, and immediately took them. These are the reason she became obsessed with taking things from crime scenes. Every piece has a history. Every piece has a story that she wishes she knew the words to. She keeps these keys on her in hopes that one day she will find out what they open.


WOW. This assignment was rough. I used gimp to place all of the objects and bag in one place. It took a lot of adjusting, and resizing and moving and rotating. I must be a GIMP expert now….but really not. I got very fed up at the end. I then uploaded it to flickr and boom! I had given her an iPhone until I realized that didn’t really fit into her time period, so I decided against that. Her bag really tells a lot about her, and you can see that most of the items are normal, but a lot of them hide very dark secrets about Blair.

The objects were really hard to come up with. I don’t usually carry a purse, so I didn’t know what to put in it. I looked over Blair’s bio, and that is mostly how I came up with everything and their backstory. I love that she is a klepto at crime scenes because it allows me to expand on so many things, and make so many sub-stories. I really enjoy her character, and what I have begun to build with her.

It was a crazy adventure, but I definitely put way too much in her bag. If I ever did this again I would max it at like 4 or 5. Writing about each item became tedious, but I didn’t want to give up. I just got over anxious and really excited about making something meaningful that would relate to her life. Blair has become a part of me (which is a little creepy, but I can dig), and she is like a child right now. I can’t wait to come up with more things and make her story even bigger.

This puts me at 8.5 stars with 1.5 to go! Yippeeee!
(Also I’ve hit my character quota)

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